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Posted on 12th June 2017

Do you have a project that will benefit the residents of Chard? Do you need funding to help this happen?

Chard Town Council’s Community Development fund are now open.

We are actively seeking applications to our grant scheme from local voluntary and community groups and charitable organisations looking to set up new projects or enhance their current activities or facilities in the town.

 The fund aims to support smaller scale groups to deliver projects that make a difference to the quality of life of people living in Chard. It cannot be used to fund running costs of an organisation or be paid retrospectively to a project that has already started. The maximum amount available for each application is £1,000.00 with no minimum limit.

Applicants will be expected to match fund 25% of the project costs with their own resources and supply financial statements and estimates where appropriate in accordance with the terms of the application.

Grants awarded by Chard Town Council are public money, collected as part of the town precept and we are accountable to all local people for its expenditure. Therefore we apply very stringent criteria to each application to ensure that grants awarded under this scheme make a difference to the quality of life of people living in Chard.

Find out whether your organisation is eligible to be considered for a grant below!



The Council welcomes applications from groups who:

  •  Are voluntary or community groups based in Chard or who can clearly demonstrate that they are working for the residents of Chard
  • Have a constitution or a set of rules or equivalent
  • Have a bank or building society account requiring two signatories
  • Have independently approved accountsDirectly benefit the wellbeing of Chard residents or the environment of Chard


Previous projects proudly funded by Chard Town Council include:

CHARD EVOLUTION MAJORETTES – Chard Town Council’s Community grant helped purchase a van to house the air generator, sound system and lights for use at Carnivals and fetes.


CHARD WATCH CIC – Chard Town Council’s Community grant will help with security clearance, training and induction for 8 new volunteers as well as updating the website and receiving training from Media Solutions to continue to recruit new volunteers and self-promote.


GOLDIES UK – Chard Town Council’s Community grant will help to fund the room-hire and generate publicity for Sing-a-long sessions Chard Sing and Smile every month.


PLAYDAYS PRESCHOOL – Chard Town Council’s Community grant purchased high-vis jackets for pre-school children and staff, these are needed following a risk assessment for walks and outings.


CHARD ROTARY CLUB – Chard Town Council’s Community grant helped towards the cost of a gazebo and mobile sound unit for use at Club events.


THE PROJECT – Chard Town Council’s Community grant helped provide resources, materials and activities for young people’s support sessions.


Application forms are available from the Council’s website (under Finance then Grants) or by visiting the Guildhall, Chard. 


Please return forms by Monday 10th July at 12 noon.