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Chard has embraced the idea of closer links with our partners in Europe and has long standing twinning associations with Helmstedt in Germany, Morangis in France and Seica Mare in Romania.

Chard has been officially twinned with Helmstedt in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany since 1980. The Twinning Association aims to promote good and lasting relationships between citizens of the towns.  See the ‘Organisations’ page for more information….

Morangis, Chard’s French twinned town is located not too far from Paris in the Essone region. Links between the two towns date back to 1983 but the decision to formally link the two towns through twinning did not happen until 1993.

More recently, in September 2008 Chard signed the official charter that would see the town twinned with Seica Mare in Romania.