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Mayor’s Allowance Policy

Adopted by the Finance & Personnel Committee 20th March 2017

Mayor’s Allowance Policy


The Mayor’s allowance, exists to help defray the cost to the Mayor whilst undertaking his/her duties for the civic year. Chard Town Council is committed to accountability and transparency in respect of all expenditure, including the Mayor’s allowance.



Each May, the Town Council elect the Mayor for the ensuing year. The job will entail increased responsibility for the Mayor representing the town at various events throughout the County. As a result it is a likely that there will be increased expenditure and to defray these extra costs a budget is allocated and will be reviewed annually as part of the Council budget procedure. If the Mayor’s allowance is not fully spent by the end of the Mayor’s term of office, the remainder of the fund will revert to the general reserves.


Permitted expenditure

Whilst representing the town the following list is legitimate expenditure for which there will be reimbursement:

  • Mileage to and from events
  • Tickets for events
  • Raffle/draw tickets
  • Donations to charity stalls, etc.
  • Reasonable clothing allowance for civic events
  • Telephone, stationery and printing
  • Costs incurred e.g. hire of a venue, in relation to the Mayors fundraising events for the Mayor’s named charity(s)
  • Reasonable expenditure required for performing the Mayor’s duties in service of the Town


It is recognised that the Mayor may be accompanied to many formal engagements by his or her spouse or partner. Reasonable expenditure under the above headings in respect of the Mayor’s spouse or partner represents legitimate expenditure.


It is expected that where possible receipts will support expenditure. Where it is not possible to provide receipts, signed written details must be provided by the Mayor to substantiate the expenditure.


All expenses will be publicised as part of the Annual Report.