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Mayor’s Blog – Week Ending 7th September 2014

Posted on 9th September 2014

On Tuesday 26th August Andy and I had the great pleasure of opening the new Mobile Chemotherapy Unit which is funded by the charity “hope for tomorrow”. This is going to be situated in Tesco’s car park once a week in Chard and will mean that local people will be able to receive their treatment in Chard for the first time. We thought how far we had come; Bristol, Taunton and now Tesco’s.

Later that week I went to the Maltings with Stuart the Town Crier and Mark the Mace Bearer to talk about our roles within the Council and show them the mace and chain. Stuart told us his role would not have been popular in the 1700s as he would proclaim the latest tax increase, among other notices from the King.

On Sunday we went to a garden party held by the Mayor of Yeovil at his home, this was to raise money for the Flying Colours Appeal in Yeovil District Hospital which is hoping to raise money for a new special baby care unit.

On Sunday 7th September Chard hit the news for our water slide which can be viewed on http://vimeopro.com/warnervision/chard-water-slide.  There were over 50 volunteers some of whom worked from 6am – 9.30pm for free, what else could you ask of your community? It was an amazing experience and 350 people slid down Chard High Street and raised over £1,000 for the Mayor’s charities. I went down the slide three times and got wetter each time as the volunteers got a bit braver, by the end of the day I am not sure anyone (apart from the small children) got down the slide with a dry spot but the weather was glorious and no one seemed to mind. I was interviewed for ITV news but in my pretend robe and hat after getting off the slide, I apologise if your Mayor looks a bit bedraggled.

The best thing about the day was watching all the smiling faces come down the slide and feeling part of a great town with a sense of fun and community spirit, a big big thanks to all who helped in any way. It took us quite a long time to break down and clean up afterwards and I know all of us are aching a bit today.  Andy and I could barely drag ourselves off the sofa last night to go to bed….but it was worth it. Thank you.