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Mayors Blog – Week Ending 25th January 2015

Posted on 4th February 2015

On Thursday 15th January I got up nice and early to be with former Councillor Julian Dorse in the BBC Somerset bus for the Breakfast Show with Ben McGrail. We talked together for an hour with the main subject being about cyber-crime. As someone a little older that does use the internet a lot it was quite scary to hear some of the scams used to obtain our information. I came away with a few tips; ‘think before you click on a link’, ‘be careful with your personal information’ and the old adage ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ being true on the net. It’s so easy to fall for a scam when they are in your home on your screen, so be careful out there!
I then went straight to the Methodist Church for their coffee morning which is a regular event on a Thursday morning. Tea, coffee, cake and friendship is offered for just a donation and I met lots of local people who had just popped in for a drink and a chat.
On Tuesday 20th January I had the pleasure of giving Dawn Gould of Chard her 10 stone award at the Slimming World group in the Guildhall. This young lady has lost half her body weight in two years and looks amazing, she spurred me on to turn a few meringues and cakes down for the rest of the week.