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The precept for the year 2015/16 was set at £489,822 equating to a local parish precepting charge of £122.20 for Band D properties. In addition to this SSDC awarded £55,930 as part of the Precept Support Grant, a transitional arrangement that has come about since Central Government imposed changes in the way council tax benefits are paid. This was a rise of £0.77 increase from the previous year as Members wanted to minimize any additional burden to local council tax payers.

With the changes in policy at Central Government being imposed on district councils, South Somerset has fared better than other areas where the district council has not passed on any of the funding to the parish and town councils. However the Precept Support Grant is reducing annually and reluctantly for 2016/2017 the Members felt there was no alternative but to increase the Band D percentage in order to mitigate the reduction in the grant. The Band D Equivalent for 2016/2017 is £124.04 an increase of £1.84.

Chard’s town precept continues to be in line with other towns of similar size within the South-West Region.

Council Tax

Council Tax for the three Local Authorities responsible for Chard has been set for the year 2016/2017 at the following levels:-

    • £124.04 for Chard Town Council
    • £152.48 for South Somerset District Council
    • £1060.84 for Somerset County Council
    • £20.80 for Somerset County Council Adult Social Care
    • £178.26 for Avon & Somerset Police Authority
    • £79.98 for Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue


  • £1,616.40 in total and based on Band D Properties


The average bill for South Somerset is £1,569.96

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