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Jocelyn Ward

Cllr Dave BulmerDave Bulmer
Member for Jocelyn Ward and sits on the Finance & Personnel, Guildhall & Amenities and Planning & Highways Committees.

2 Silver Street, Chard. TA20 2AY
Tel: 01460 67917 or 07774 523 661



Cllr Mrs. Sara DowellSara Dowell
Member for Jocelyn Ward.

Beaconsfield, Forton Road, Chard TA20 2HR.
Tel: 01460 261898 (h) or 07909571553
saragdowell@hotmail.co.uk or sara.welch@scottrowe.co.uk



Cllr Mrs. Irene GlynnIrene Glynn
Member for Jocelyn Ward and sits on the Guildhall & Amenities and Planning & Highways Committees.

Southwick, Holbear, Chard
Tel: 01460 238417 (h) or 07934610155