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Holyrood Ward

Cllr Jason BakerJason Baker
Member for Holyrood Ward and sits on the Finance & Personnel, Guildhall & Amenities (Chairman), Planning & Highways Committees, Allotments Sub Committee, and Personnel Sub Committee.

4 High Street, Chard TA20 1QB
Tel: 07736310805




Cllr Mrs Sue WyattSue Wyatt
Member for Holyrood Ward and sits on the Guildhall & Amenities Committee, Planning & Highways Committee and Allotments Sub Committee.

3 Englands Way, Chard TA20 1EF
Tel: 01460 61370


Cllr Dave Orchard

Member for Holyrood Ward and sits on the Planning & Highways Committee and the Guildhall & Amenities Committee.

19 Halcombe, Chard TA20 2DS

Tel: o1460 67760