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Avishayes Ward

Cllr Garry ShortlandGarry Shortland

Mayor of Chard. Member for Avishayes Ward and sits on the Finance & Personnel, Guildhall & Amenities and Planning & Highways Committees.

Cllr Shortland also sits on the Personnel Sub Committee.

Hillside, Forton Road, Chard TA20 2HS
Tel: 01460 61592 (H) or 07982591025


Cllr Dave O’BrienDave O'Brien
Member for Avishayes Ward and sits on the Guildhall & Amenties and Finance & Personnel Committees.

2 Phoenix Courtyard, Fore Street, Chard. TA20 1FE
Tel: 01460 66104 (H) or 01278 233009 (w) or 07950474745




Cllr Mrs Cathie Morrison   Cath Morrison                                                          
Member for Avishayes Ward and sits on the Finance & Personnel and Guildhall & Amenities Committees.

Cllr Morrison is also a member of the Allotments Sub Committee.

47 Henson Park ,Chard. TA20 1NQ
Tel: 01460 239120 (H) or 07971373831