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District Councillors

Avishayes Ward

  Cllr Garry Shortland                                                            Garry Shortland

Sits on Area West Committee, Licensing Committee and Scrutiny Committee for                         South Somerset District Council.
Hillside, Forton Road, Chard TA20 2HS
Tel: 01460 61592 (h) or 07982591025


Combe Ward

         Amanda BroomCllr Mrs. Amanda Broom

Sits on Area West Committee for South Somerset District Council.
15 Dening Close, Chard TA20 1LS
Tel: 01460 62102 (h) or 07971109803


Crimchard Ward

Jenny Kenton                 Cllr Mrs. Jenny Kenton
Sits on Area West Committee and Licensing Committee for South Somerset District Council.
The Old Granary, Ammerham, Chard. TA20 4LB
Tel: 07591 087 347



Holyrood Ward

Jason Baker             Cllr Jason Baker
Sits on Area West Committee (Vice Chairman), Audit Committee, Licensing Committee and Scrutiny Committee for South Somerset District Council.

4 High Street, Chard TA20 1QB
Tel: 07736310805



Jocelyn Ward

Dave Bulmer         Cllr Dave Bulmer
Sits on Area West Committee, Licensing Committee and Scrutiny Committee (Vice Chairman) for South Somerset District Council.
2 Silver Street, Chard. TA20 2AY
Tel: 01460 67917 or 07774 523 661